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The Ultimate Solution for the ELDT Mandate

Give your students the course that leads to success
  • Curriculum covers all 30 topics required by FMCSA

  • Student completions reported instantly to FMCSA so you don’t have to

  • Purchase credits and receive bulk pricing

  • LMS to track your students progress and grades

  • Mobile app coming soon

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The ELDT Partner Advantage

Our Goal Is To Help You Reach Yours

Are you looking for the best way to offer your students the ELDT Theory Training? Well then, we are excited to tell you about our new PARTNER PROGRAM which will allow you to offer our FMCSA approved online course through your school. Not only will you be providing your students with a quality program developed by experienced leaders in the industry. Registration is free and there is no commitment!

This program includes:

  1. Purchase course credits in bulk quantities at a discounted rate (1 credit = 1 course enrollment for a student)

  2. 100% online self paced course for your students using our course and LMS

  3. An online portal to track student progress and receive notifications when students complete a course. 

  4. Include your branding and logo in the course portal

  5. Course completions instantly reported to the FMCSA Training Provider Registry. 

  6. We provide customer service via phone chat or email for your students

  7. Option to receive 20% commissions paid to you for referrals


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Why Partner With Us

A synergistic relationship occurs when two organizations create a greater contribution together than they would independently

Bulk Discounts

By purchasing course credits in bulk quantities you can receive a discount for each course enrollment.

Completion Reporting

We instantly report course completions to the Training Provider Registry so you don't have to.

Fast, Easy and Online

Your students can take our course anywhere, anytime. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your students will complete the course.


A Word About the Course

Developed by Experts in the Field

The Course has been developed by industry experts with decades of experience in CDL training and testing. At the same time the course has been developed with entry level drivers in mind. The goal of the course developers was to take their years of experience and knowledge and explain it in a simple and understandable way to new drivers. 

Advanced Learning Technologies

New teaching methodologies and technologies are changing the educational environments around the world. In this course we strive to utilize advanced innovative approaches to learning that educators have forged for decades. By combining easy-to-learn text lessons with entertaining videos, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your students comprehend our course material. Our course is also divided into concise one-subject chapters so they'll be able to concentrate on learning one subject at a time. 

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